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Location: Estonian Military Academy, Tartu

Time period: 26th June - 02 July 2022
Modus: 7 rounds swiss system, (team/ single score), FIDE rated
Rate of play: 90 min with an increment of 30 seconds each move
Teamscore: Best 4 players of 6 players team

A blitz tournament was organized at 1st July 2022
Chairman: Col Mati Tikerpuu
Deputy Chairman: Mr Mikk Sarik

Chief Arbiter: Luc Cornet (BEL)
Deputy Chief Arbiter: Georg Abozenko (EST)
Arbiters: Tarmo Tuul (EST), Vairis Kurpnieks (LAT), Andres Karba (EST)
Patronage: Chief of Defence LTG Martin Herem
Tournament logo: Logo NATO Chess 2022
Tournament Website: Link to website NCC2022
A puzzle as gift: Each participant got a puzzle from the organization.
Puzzle in a box Puzzle not yet solved (top right corner does not match)
Particularities: 1) The whole week during the tournament was 30 degrees Celcius (86F) which was very unusual in Estonia this time.
2) All the games of the NCC 2022 Championship were played with 47 DGT electronic boards. Because there were not much of these boards available at the Estonian Chess Federation, more boards had to be borrowed from Latvia and Finland!
3) A new commemorative medal was rewarded for players who have participated in 12 or more NCC editions.
4) To celebrate 20 years of Polish Armed Forces in NATO Chess, an exhibition was set up in the tournament hall during rounds 5 and 6 (30 June 2022). The Polish team presented players and Team Captains with a few souvenirs at the beginning of round 5.
5) Medals "Year of the Woman in Chess" were presented to the 3 female participants of NCC 2022. FIDE Women's Commission was informed about the fact.
6) The Germany Chess team was sponsored by Chessbase. All their opponents got a product from that company. Thank you, Chessbase!
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